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Omaha Lawn Service & Tips for Beginners

Omaha Lawn Service

Omaha Lawn Service & Tips for Beginners

We provide the best Omaha lawn service because we believe that having a beautiful lawn in front of your homes provides a great feeling. But caring for it is a daunting challenge, indeed. It becomes tough, especially, if you are going to take care of your lawn for the first time.

It is important for you to ensure that your lawn looks fresh, uniform, and green all the time. Are you wondering about how to take care of your lawn? Don’t worry; here are some useful lawn care tips for beginners. Try them out, and you will become an expert in lawn maintenance within a short time!

1. Knowledge about grass and soil is a must

If you want to take care of your lawns, you should know the type of grass and soil in your area. You can take the help of your local agricultural department to test the soil in your area with the help of fitting kits.

Also, for your lawns to look well-kept and beautiful, you should only plant those grass varieties that are in line with the soil quality. Else, grass doesn’t grow well, and your lawn may look untidy, despite you taking all efforts to take care of it.

2. Consider seeding for grass

Choosing the right type of seeds to plant grass, and planting them at the right time are two things that you should focus on when you want the grass on your lawns to look fresh and healthy. More often than not, once you have identified the first step, you will know the method of seeding you have to adopt for planting grass.

If a previous owner had already used your lawn, you could consider implementing overseeding, a process in which new seeds are planted in the thin patches to give an overall touch-up and dense look to your lawns.

3. Use the right fertilizers

Do you want the grass on your lawns to grow green and healthy? If yes, you have to take care of it properly. You would have done a lot of research in identifying the climate conditions, soil quality, and grass type. To make those efforts really count, you have to use the right fertilizers to give proper nutrients to the soil and grass.

It is highly recommended to buy nitrogen-rich fertilizers that are eco-friendly. It is of paramount importance to read the fertilizer labels before buying them, especially when you have pets and kids.

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4. Giving the right amount of water

Though it is simple to say that you need to water your grass properly for a well-maintained lawn, it is difficult to know what exactly is the right amount. While over-watering can cause the grass your rot, under-watering can lead to the browning of grass. Before you set up your sprinkler system, you should understand the climate conditions in your locality.

It is highly recommended that you do a simple test on your lawns. Can you push the screwdriver for about 6 inches into the dirt of your lawn without any hassles? If yes, it means your lawn is getting enough water. Ensure that you tweak your watering schedules slightly based on the seasons to protect the overall health of your lawns.

5. Take care of the weeds

Weeds can impact the health and appearance of your lawn when they are not eliminated in the early stages itself. They try to share the nutrients with the grass in your lawn. Also, they hamper the healthy growth of the grass.

You have to use weed preventers and fertilizers with care. This is because, while they may control the growth of weeds, they can also affect the health of the grass growing nearby. If you notice a lot of weeds in your lawn, it is a good idea to talk to a professional and get only that spot treated.

Mulching is also a great way to control weeds as well.

6. Follow the right mowing techniques

One of the most important lawn care tips that you have to follow is to mow your lawns the right way, to maintain the overall look and health of your yard. Some people cut off most part of the grass while mowing, without realizing that cutting too much of grass would only put a lot of pressure on the yard.

According to lawn care experts, you should mow based on the height of the grass on your lawn, and not based on any other factor. Keep your mower in proper condition and check if the blades are sharp before you take it out to mow the lawn.

Mow the entire lawn in several sessions, and ensure that you cut only about 1/3rd length of the grass in a particular session, to promote the growth of grass under and above the ground.

7. Consider investing in an aeration machine

At least once in a year, it is important to aerate your lawn. As a beginner, it might be difficult for you to understand this term. However, it is nothing but a simple process, where a few plugs of your lawn’s soil are redistributed back into the lawn for uniform distribution of water & other nutrients.

This work can be done with an aeration machine. Lawn care experts would tell you that spring and fall are the two best seasons for aeration; this will help you protect your lawns against the harsh summers & winters.

8. Lawns are not just about grass

When you want to take care of your lawns, you should know better than to focus on grass alone. You might have ideas to plant trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants in your lawn.

Please do some research on these plants, such as the conditions they need to thrive well. This will help you to place them properly in your lawns and give them the right nutrients to grow well. You will also become more cautious than ever about using fertilizers when you have an overall idea of your lawn.

If you think that these tips are difficult for you to follow, you should never hesitate to ask for help. There are many lawn care experts (such as ourselves) in your locality, which provide you excellent & regular lawn-care maintenance services at nominal rates. Get the help of the “Five Star MowingOmaha landscaping company and keep your lawns fresh & green always.