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Omaha Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Benefits

Omaha Lawn Aeration

Omaha Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Benefits

When you consult the best Omaha lawn aeration and overseeding company – Five Star Mowing, for some effective lawn care tips, they would ask you to aerate your lawn regularly and practice overseeding.

If you are new to this field, these terms can cause a little confusion in your minds. Before we get to explain the benefits of these two processes, here is a brief overview of the meaning of these terms.

Lawn aeration – This is the process, in which you make the lawns fertile by making holes in the soil for water, air, and nutrients to pass through. These nutrients help to strengthen the roots of the grass and keep your lawns fresh always.

Overseeding – This is quite an effective technique if you want your lawns to look thick, colorful, and healthy. Here, you will plant the seeds of the grass directly into the turf, without disturbing the turf or the soils there. Thanks to this, you can fill empty spots in your lawns very easily.

Now, let us look at some of the most important benefits you can enjoy when you do lawn aeration and overseeding at regular intervals.

1. Absorption of nutrients

A lawn needs important ingredients such as water, air, sunlight, and nutrients to remain healthy and green. Aeration helps your lawns to get all of these.

The small holes in the soil not only ensure that the essential nutrients go deep inside the soil but also see to it that carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere.

2. Helps in proper germination

Lawn aeration and overseeding are always done together. This is because the grass seeds can be easily deposited deep into the soil directly when the soil is perforated with tiny holes.

When the seeds get planted quite deep in the soil,  it helps them to grow well and germinate in a healthy manner.

3. Reduces problems like soil compaction and thatch

Soil compaction occurs when the particles in the soil bind together very closely, leaving very little space for pores. Due to this, the drainage system of the soil gets affected. However, regular aeration and overseeding help to loosen up the soil particles and prevent them from binding together.

Another major problem that you would face in the field of lawn maintenance is the growth of the thatch. Thatch is a blend of old & dead plants along with some plant matter.

When these grow on the patch between the turf and the ground, they can hamper the quality of grass growth to a great extent. Thanks to regular overseeding, the growth of thatch can be controlled phenomenally.

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4. Improves the overall health and look of your turf

Lawn aeration and overseeding not only help to keep the grassroots of your lawns healthy and fresh, but they also help to improve the curb appeal of your property.

Overseeding ensures that the grass seeds are sown directly inside the soils, which helps them to germinate properly. Therefore, you will witness a dense growth of grass all through the year. This will keep the weeds at bay.

Since the roots of the grass grow really deep, they can withstand all climatic conditions without withering away. These roots help to retain moisture well and keep the grass healthy and green all through the year.

5. Prepares your grass for the summer

Experts recommend you do lawn aeration and overseeding during the fall. This means the grass seeds get two completely cool seasons (winter & spring) to germinate and grow well.

Since they are exposed to all the nutrients and water during these two seasons, they grow to be strong, fertile, and healthy enough to tackle the harsh rays of the sun during the summers.

6. Great for your soil

Thanks to the perforations and deep-deposit of grass seeds in the soils, you will notice your soil becoming very fertile and healthy. These processes not only benefit the soils for the current season, but they also prepare the soil to tackle the summers and winters.

During the winters, these soils are exposed to some natural fertilizers along with the nutrients and grass seeds. This helps them to get enough nutrients for the winters and stay strong, regardless of the extreme climate conditions.

7. Keeps infestations and diseases away

When you practice overseeding, you will expose the soils to different types of grass seed blends. This makes the turf immune and resistant to many types of diseases that could potentially damage the look and health of your entire lawn.

Apart from this, regular aeration practices will also ensure that the soils are exposed to all the nutrients. This way, they are kept safe from infestations from pests, insects, fungus, and animals. Since infestations are kept afar, you can expect the seed germination to happen with 10 days of planting.

As you can see from the above, lawn aeration and overseeding yields a lot of benefits to the overall look and health of the soils. However, to achieve these results, you should ensure that you stay away from these common mistakes:

  • It is very important to choose the right aerator when you want to do lawn aeration. Many people don’t get the benefits even after regularly aerating, because they use machines that are spiked.
  • These spiked aerators can lead to soil compaction in certain places, leading to poor drainage facilities in your lawns. To avoid this mistake, it is highly recommended to use plug aerators only.
  • These machines can remove soil plugs that are about 2 to 3 inches deep to keep your soil healthy.
  • You should never aerate and overseed your lawn during winters or summers. While the cold climate can cause damage to the grass seeds, the harsh summers can hamper the germination process of the seeds.
  • It is always recommended to aerate and overseed during fall or spring only. This will prepare the seeds to germinate well and grow strong enough to tackle the harsh climate conditions.
  • Never aerate when the grass looks dry. In a dry climate, there is already too much stress on the grass. When you use a powerful aerator to pull some plugs, it only damages the grass quality further.

Hence, always follow lawn aeration and overseeding only when the soil is moist, or just after a season of good rainfall. You can always go with the number one Omaha lawn aeration service, book it, and forget it.